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Let's face it, Finance stuff can boring. There, we said it! And when there's brunches to be had, holidays to be planned and Netflix to be binged getting on top of your money game might not be high on the to do list.   

But we think finance can be fun, empowering and simple when done right - there's a lot of jargon and bull out there (espcially when it comes to investing) so we are here to help you become a Zillionaire... okay maybe just establish a strong financial future and solid foundations!
We want to help give you a plan, and simple solutions so you can take control of your finances, set yourself up for success, and have complete control over your life! 

Okay ladies.. it's time to get money savvy!

Hi, we're Molly & Lisa 

Sheza , London

It's a shame that we're not taught how to manage our money in school. I'm please to tell you that I’ve been taking control of my finances. It wasn’t easy but I’m determined to be financially fearless. I’ve been investing for the past few months, which I never thought I would do. Knowledge is power! God bless you!"

"Thank you so much for hosting these events. I've been to a few now and learned so much.

THeresa , LONDON

"When you thought you had a grip on your finances then find out your money has actually been losing value…

Such an insightful evening from Ladies Finance Club UK explaining finance in a real, understandable way"


I do have month and I was feeling pointless before the event and I feel quite inspired now."

"I went along to the event and had a blast! 


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Career-wise, things are pretty good… you’ve got some fab stuff in your wardrobe and you’re all about brunch and international travel. But somewhere inside that little voice is starting to speak up about taking more control of your cash.


Wondering where all your money goes every month

If you are:

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Feeling like you never have anything to show for all your hard work

Struggling to pay off your credit card debt

Hoping to buy a house… one day

Curious about investing in property or shares

Picturing a laid-back retirement on a beach somewhere

Just plain keen to save some dosh

How to set your price as a freelancer


Negotiate your salary with Kate Pljaskovova


Baby proof your life with Caroline Flanagan


Pete Matthew from Meaningful Money


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She's on the Money is here to brighten up the pale stale world of finance and help you to get money savvy!

From investing, tax, debt, pensions, money mindset, property we will answer the questions you feel you should know the answers to or are just too scared to ask! Let's get financially fearless together.

Tune in and join Molly + Lisa as we #talknerdy and break down the world of finance! 

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